9 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Your Website

Backing up your data and files is a security measure that protects your website’s content in case of emergencies, such as security threats, hacking, and malware infection.

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When you back up necessary data, you are somehow keeping an “extra” copy that you can replicate in case of a total wipeout of your website.

Whether your site is secured or not, it is still advisable to create backups of your website’s content and store it in different places, such as your hard drive, USB drive, or cloud. This way, no matter what happens, you can always rebuild your site anytime and without spending too much time and effort.

It is, therefore, important to install and activate a reliable backup plugin that will help you secure your files quickly and automatically.

If you are in search of the best plugin for your website, here is our list of 9 best WordPress backup plugins for your WordPress site:

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins
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1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

2+ million active installations

UdraftPlus is probably the most popular and highly utilized backup plugin on WordPress. The 2M+ active installs will prove this to be true.

What makes it really popular is the impressive features it is designed with even with the free version, such as simple setup, option to do manual or scheduled backups, and securing the entire database, as well as themes and plugins. Moreover, restoring your files is very easy, even with very little technical know how.

2. BackWPUp – WordPress Backup Plugin


600,000+ active installations

Another good choice for WordPress backup plugin is the BackWPUp. Like the other plugins mentioned below, it is backing up your entire WordPress website installation and stores it to your preferred locations, including Amazon S3 and Dropbox. If you want to save your backup files on Google Drive or Amazon Glacier, the premium version will allow you to do so.

Some other notable features of BackWPUp includes backing up of your WordPress site to multiple locations and syncing your files on remote locations.

3. BackupBuddy


Active installations not available

Available since 2010, BackupBuddy is reported to be utilized by more than 500,000 WordPress websites users. It is so popular among the WP community because it’s easy to use. You can backup your entire website with just a few clicks on your WordPress dashboard. Plus, you can also perform scheduled automatic backups, store your backup files in a remote and secure location, and recover your files instantly.

BackupBuddy also comes with a feature that repairs and optimizes your database, which is among the favourite features of its users.

4. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress – WordPress plugin

200,000+ active installations

BackUpWordPress is very simple to use and requires no configuration during activation. In fact, the moment you activate the plugin, it will automatically backup your website’s files,

Storing them in /wp-content/backups location. You can, however, change the path if you want to keep them in a different folder. Note, also, that the plugin will backup all your files, including non-WordPress files in your site root. BackUpWordPress works with Windows and Linux servers.

5. Vaultpress

vaultpress backup

80,000+ active installations

Vaultpress is a popular security plugin for WordPress websites that comes with a powerful backup feature, making it one of the top players in this list. When you use Vaultpress, you can backup your WordPress site daily and witness real-time syncing.

As a security feature, it performs random security scans and notifies you whenever there is any malware attack or security threat.

Vaultpress is now part of Jetpack, and can only be utilized when you install Jetpack on your WordPress website.

6. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator - WordPress Migration Plugin

1+ million active installations

The way Duplicator backs up your WordPress files is that it compresses them all in a zip file, making it easier to download offline or migrate across different servers.

It also has the ability to clone your pre-configured WordPress websites, thus the name Duplicator. Instead of manually redoing everything twice or thrice, you can just duplicate your website, including the themes and plugins installed in it.

This will help you migrate your WordPress websites to various locations and eliminate unnecessary work.

7. WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup

60,000+ active installations

If you are looking for a free database backup WordPress plugin WP Database Backup is an excellent option. It is very easy to use, enabling you to create and recover backups with only a single click of the mouse. While it works very similar to WP-DB-Backup, it has slightly more features than it.

Some of its notable features include remote location backup, multiple storage destinations, sort and search feature, easy configuration, as well as extensive documentation.

8. WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin – Backup Guard

WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin – Backup Guard

70,000+ active installations

Backup Guard is a complete and comprehensive backup plugin you can use for your WordPress website, enabling you to backup both your files and your database.

It is designed with a fully automatic migration feature that can transfer your site from one domain to another in just a few clicks. Backing up and restoring files is also relatively easy, which makes this tool quite popular among WordPress website owners.

9. WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule

10,000+ active installations

WP Time Capsule is a plugin that enables you to back up only your most recent files, and not the entire website. Because of this, it consumes less server resources than other plugins, because it doesn’t need to compress or zip all your files. Moreover, it enables cloud storage, and therefore letting you keep your files on Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.

There you have it — our list of 9 best WordPress backup plugins for your website. Make sure to choose and install one now so you can back up all your hard work.

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