Why WordPress is Best for Personal and Business Websites?

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Have you been researching which platform is the most ideal for your business? Or maybe you’re an aspiring blogger who wants to set up his own personal website.

Whether you are planning to build a blog site, an online shop, or a company website, you may have come across online resources and videos that say WordPress is your best option.

It’s true. WordPress is one of the top choices for website building and web content management system.

Other players in the field include Blogger (operated by Google), Wix, Gator (by Hostgator), Shopify, and BigCommerce. While these platforms have a few good features, too, WordPress is way more ahead than it’s competitors.

If you are curious as to what makes WordPress the most popular choice when it comes to website building and development, please read on.

Why WordPress is Best?

Why WordPress is Best?
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Whether you’re building a personal blog or a business website, or even an e-commerce site, WordPress is equipped with a lot of features that make it a really excellent choice for both beginners and experienced website owners. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is best:

1. WordPress is easy to set up, manage, and use.

You don’t have to be a hardcore programmer to be able to navigate through the features of WordPress. If you haven’t used it at all, you may have a few questions at the beginning. But as soon as you familiarize yourself with it, it’s really not very difficult to learn and use.

WordPress is the perfect starting point for any individual or small business. If you’re not ready to purchase your own domain name and hosting, you can even use WordPress.com to start with.

However, for a few bucks only, you can have your own website address, hosting and make your online business more legit. With WordPress, you can have your own website in as fast as 5 minutes.

2. You can choose from thousands of pre-built website themes.

Speaking of ease of use, do you know that you don’t need to have website design skills in order to create an attractive layout for your WordPress website?

With the thousands of WP themes available, you can simply choose the design you like, install it on your account, and you can have an attractive, professional looking website in seconds!

There are more than 2,000 free WordPress themes available in the official WordPress Theme Directory that you can choose from. And for an additional fee, you can get more unique designs with premium features from commercial websites like StudioPress and Theme Forest.

3. WordPress plugins help you build better websites without hiring a coder.

On its basic form, the WordPress platform comes with simple features that enable you to add new pages, publish blog posts, upload images, and create menus for your website. If you want to add more features to it, you will have to install and activate different plugins. And this is very easy to do.

Plugins are available within the WordPress system. All you have to do is choose the functionality that you want to add to your website and find a suitable plugin for it. Whether you need a simple contact form or an SEO tool for your website, there’s definitely a WordPress plugin to meet your website needs.

4. WordPress is SEO friendly.

This means that just by setting up your website on WordPress, you are a step ahead of the competition — simply because Google can easily recognize websites built on WordPress. Plus, as Matt Cutts put it, WordPress is able to solve a lot of SEO issues. For instance. The plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast will inform you whether or not a web page is optimized according to a particular keyword you are targeting.

5. WordPress is a full-featured web content management system.

It keeps your content safe and organized. It’s very easy to add, upload, and edit your content, and even remove those that are not serving their purpose anymore. For safety reasons, it also has a backup feature that lets you save your content in case you need to do a major revamp of your site.

6. WordPress is best as a blog, e-commerce, or company website.

When it started, WordPress was only a blogging platform. Over the years, it continuously updates its features, and now it’s catering to different types of websites, including online stores, company websites, brand websites, and so much more!

With its ease of use, versatility, and functionality, many business owners and web administrators prefer the use of WordPress for different objectives, such as branding, sales, marketing, online shopping, video and image portal, and blogging.

WordPress has a lot of features that make it a popular web publishing system for developers, business owners, and even individual users. Plus, its huge, active, and generous community that provides excellent support make it a top choice by many. There you have it — top reasons why WordPress is best for personal and business websites!

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