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Dilip Sakariya
CodeIgniter how to use flash messages

How to use To use flash messages in CodeIgniter, we must configure session key in application/config/config.php file and we must load session library by using

Dilip Sakariya
Get and Print JSON string from URL

Can use JSON.parse(data) to convert the desired output to JSON, and then access the objects and array indexes from within that with .object and [array_index]

Dilip Sakariya
Add “disabled” attribute to submit button while request AJAX

Code to add “disabled” attribute before starting ajax request. [crayon-5c4520c0c2a1c136744911/]  

Dilip Sakariya
WordPress update user password through FTP

You lost your WordPress user password, and have tried to enter your username or email address in the “Lost your password?” page but failed to

Dilip Sakariya
How to compare date when its save as data type text in database

MySQL offers a "STR_TO_DATE" function to convert a date string to date [crayon-5c4520c0c2c54791711796/] *It is not recommended to insert dates into mysql as text.