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Dilip Sakariya
WordPress update user password through FTP

You lost your WordPress user password, and have tried to enter your username or email address in the “Lost your password?” page but failed to

Dilip Sakariya
How to remove Woocommerce Tabs

On your dashboard, go to Appearance > Editor Choose "functions.php" to be edited Add this below snippet code. [crayon-5d7e99039e838048881919/]  

Dilip Sakariya
Include php file after post content in WordPress

Wants to add content PHP file to the end of post content? You might look below snipped to do the same. [crayon-5d7e99039e94f218363539/]

Dilip Sakariya
Hide product loop on home page woocommerce using css

With the help of below css, you can hide woocommerce product loop on the home page. [crayon-5d7e99039ea85663725453/]

Dilip Sakariya
Woocommerce change/update user role on product purchase

Below function provides a feature to change the user's role on the purchase of a product in woocommerce. Example function will change the existing 'Subscriber' to

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