Dilip Sakariya
Woocommerce change/update user role on product purchase

Below function provides a feature to change the user's role on the purchase of a product in woocommerce. Example function will change the existing 'Subscriber' to

Dilip Sakariya
How to redirect if user has specific role in wordpress

I created one simple function when you require redirect of a specific role (Administrator, Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor) in WordPress Place below snipped to your theme's

Dilip Sakariya
How to compare date when its save as data type text in database

MySQL offers a "STR_TO_DATE" function to convert a date string to date [crayon-5e54ecd2a6722974284980/] *It is not recommended to insert dates into MySQL as text.

Dilip Sakariya
Update WordPress Site URL

Update WordPress Site URL is easier than you might think. If your site was set up with the other Url and you want to change it, just follow one

Dilip Sakariya
Step by Step Guide to build WordPress Child Theme

What is a Child Theme? A WordPress Child Theme is a theme that automatically inherits the features, styles, and templates of a parent theme. Using Child Theme we

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