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While WordPress is relatively easy to use as a website builder and content management system, some users still prefer to use page builders and editors.

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Especially, if you are not tech- and design-savvy or you’re not comfortable playing with your website’s layout through hard code, a WordPress editor can be very handy.

WordPress editors are plugins that you can easily install and integrate with your WordPress website. They are used to help web owners build pages, move elements around, and create their own layout. With a page builder or page editor, you can easily insert texts, headers, images, blocks, colours, and other elements that are not readily available in the default pages of WordPress.

Wordpress Editors
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What to Look for in WordPress Editors and Page Builders

While most page builders and editors usually have similar features, there are some that are easier to learn, use, and navigate through. If you don’t know which one to use and install on your WordPress site, here are some of the features you need to look for:

  • Ease of Use: Some WordPress editors are more complicated than the others. Choose one that you can easily learn and use so that you won’t have to spend so much time studying it. 
  • Autosave: The autosave feature is not only a good-to-have feature; in fact, it’s necessary. When you get amped up using a WordPress editor, the chance is, you will make a lot of changes on the page and may forget to save all your little changes. An autosave will help you keep all your hard work intact.
  • Theme Compatibility: Some WordPress themes are not compatible with certain editors and vice versa. Make sure, therefore, that your chosen editor can work with your preferred theme. Otherwise, you will have to make adjustments.
  • Plugin Compatibility: Some editors also have conflicts with particular plugins that you have installed on your website. Choose a page builder that doesn’t interfere with the functionality of your other plugins.

5 Best WordPress Editors for Your Website

To help you decide which page builder and editor to use on your website, here is our list of 5 best WordPress editors.

1. Elementor

elementor page builder

2+ million active installations

Elementor is a free, open-source page builder for WordPress popular for its high-speed performance. Despite its advanced features, it is designed with drag-and-drop functionality that enables users to create pages fast and easily. It also comes with an extensive template library where you can choose a unique and attractive WordPress template for your website among hundreds of available designs.

Some notable features of Elementor include mobile-responsive designs, high-converting landing page builder, Zapier integration, and maintenance mode.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder: WordPress Page Builder Plugin

500,000+ active installations

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular WordPress editors being used today because of its easy drag-and-drop feature. In fact, by using this tool, you can create your own website without having to code anything. Like Elementor, it comes with dozens of unique and beautiful page templates to help you kick start your web building project. You can simply select one template from its library, change the texts, upload images, and publish — that’s your website right there!

Even if you’re using a WordPress theme outside of Beaver Builder, you can still use the plugin to make changes on your website layout. Moreover, even if you stop using the plugin, you will not lose your content because the layout you made using the tool will get ported to the default WordPress editor.

3. Divi Builder

Divi Builder

Active installations not available

A powerful WordPress page builder, Divi Builder is created by Elegant Themes and is one of the easiest page editors you can use to design your website. It works on almost all WordPress themes and templates and is flexible enough to provide modern layouts without requiring you to write or edit a single line of code.

Divi Builder is designed with advanced features and settings that enable a user to customize every element on a web page to a great extent. It also comes with a front-end editor that will keep you from switching back and forth.

4. WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

4,300,000+ Active installations

Formerly known as Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder is one of the most used page builders among WordPress website owners. This is because it is easy to use, it comes with frontend and backend editors, and provides lifetime updates. It is also compatible with most WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, making it the top choice for business and e-commerce websites.

5. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect - the WordPress Page Builder for Online Business

Active installations not available

Developed by makers of Thrive Themes, Thrive Architect is a WordPress editor that is ideal for conversion-focused websites. It is designed with a drag-and-drop editing tool and comes with more than 250 pre-built landing page templates, enabling you to sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, homepage, and even blog posts in minutes! For as low as $67, you can purchase a license for one website.

Are you ready to build your own WordPress website? With these 5 best WordPress editors, you don’t need to hire expensive web designers or outsource your layout designs! With a simple drag and drop motions, and a few clicks of a button, you can create a functional and professional-looking website in minutes!

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