6 Ways WordPress Maintenance Service Benefits Your Business

The good thing about having a business website is that you can continue to focus on the operations of your company, while you let your website “entertain” potential customers. Your business website should serve as a venue where they can learn more about your business, product offerings, services, and other information about your brand.

However, if your business website is not properly and regularly maintained, it might not be able to work the way you expect it to. Instead of letting it run on its own, you will have to spend your precious time and money to fix bugs, errors, and poor performance just because you neglect to monitor and manage your WordPress website.

Engaging in WordPress maintenance service is essential to keep your website running and attracting more visitors who have the potential to bring in more sales and provide higher ROI.

If you want your online business to grow through the help of your WordPress website, make sure that you perform regular maintenance and update on your website.

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What comes with a WordPress Maintenance Service

Maintaining a WordPress website is more than just uploading new and fresh content regularly. While this is equally important, you also need to make sure that your website is always functional, secure and running on the latest system version.

When you hire a provider to perform a WordPress maintenance service, the following are the activities or tasks they will undertake.

  • WordPress stack update, including CMS, themes, tools, and plugins updates
  • Automated content and database backup
  • Speed optimization
  • Server and uptime monitoring
  • Ongoing maintenance and security
  • Technical content updates
  • Version control
  • Log monitoring
  • Compatibility, speed, and stability testing
  • Staging environment

Depending on your agreement with a service provider, or the package you avail from them, they can perform some or all of the tasks above.

Benefits of WordPress Maintenance Service

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of getting a WordPress maintenance service, here are 6 reasons why it will benefit your business website.

1. You will have a secure WordPress website.

Security is essential not just for business websites, but for all types of online platforms. When you perform regular maintenance to your business website, you ensure that it remains safe and secure — no unauthorized access, no hacking activities, no malware, and no security threats. The more secure your WordPress website it, the more your customers will trust in your business.

2. You can provide a better user experience to your visitors.

Regular WordPress maintenance will check, evaluate, and fix code errors, outdated plugins, broken links, and slow website performance. This means that if you are able to capture all these issues before they cause serious glitches on your website, you can improve your site’s navigation and provide a better experience to your users.

Websites with unfixed errors and bugs will lead to poor user experience, and when this happens, you will not only lose customers, but traffic, revenue, and brand trust, as well.

3. You will have improved SEO and web performance.

By updating and maintaining your WordPress website regularly, you are optimizing your website’s speed. And as you may already know, speed is one of the factors that Google considers when ranking websites on its search results. Therefore, as you continue to optimize the speed of your business website, you do not only increase your site’s load speed, you are also enhancing its overall web performance and SEO rankings.

4. You can continue to establish your brand image.

A well-maintained business website is functional, operational, and continues to establish a relationship with its customers and brand followers. Through a working website, you can convey your brand message, feature your product offerings, and provide excellent support and customer service.

Imagine how many potential customers will you lose if they try to search for your brand online, found your website, but couldn’t load it up due to lack of update and maintenance.

5. It will mean a lower bounce rate, more customer engagement, and better conversions.

If your website is fully-functional and updated regularly, it will not be difficult to make your visitors and make them come back over and over again. Therefore, through a good WordPress maintenance service, you can achieve a lower bounce rate, keep your customers engaged, and acquire better conversions. A website that is unsecured, non-optimized, and has page errors will find it difficult to keep users’ trust.

6. You can focus on your business.

Lastly, through a functional, secure, and well-maintained website, you don’t need to waste your executive time manually monitoring your website’s performance and fixing errors and bugs. Instead, you can focus your time on running your business, managing operations, and grow your revenues.

Therefore, it is really important to choose a service provider that can perform complete and reliable WordPress maintenance service for your business website — so that you can ensure that your website gets the proper care and sustenance.

If you want to manage your WordPress website or store, don’t hesitate to check out our WordPress Maintainance Care Plans.

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